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A Boston Network User Group (BNUG) meeting generally starts with an informal networking over snacks/light dinner at 6:30PM, with the formal meeting beginning at 7:00PM. The president opens the meeting discussing future BNUG meeting information, time for a question-and-answer session where attendees can ask questions and get answers, announcements, and discussions. Presentations start at approximately 7:15pm, and last for about an hour to 90 minutes, leaving some time for questions from the audience following the presentation so we can be clear of the location by 9pm. Although presentations may contain product-specific material, they are always primarily technical in nature with marketing kept to a reasonable minimum.

Typical attendance is about twenty to thirty people, mostly network administrators/professionals, others involved professionally in information technology and networking, consultants, business owners, tech industry vendors, occasionally tech reporters for publications, etc.

The meeting room is equipped with an overhead projector and internet connection; bring your laptop, and simply plug and present. It may also be possible to present over the internet remotely if you have the technology to do so.

We promote our meetings using our website (, Meetup, email messages to our members, and other websites addressing the Greater Boston area. It would be good if you can send us some information about your speaker, your company, its products, and your company's website URL.

If you want to schedule a meeting to present to the group (thanks!), we will need to receive from you: the name and bio of the speaker and an abstract of what he/she/they will discuss, before we can solidify a date and (especially) so we can promote the meeting and attract attendees.

You are encouraged to bring door prizes: items with your company name and logo are very popular. Also handouts with company and products information, and of course business cards for people to take away, remember, and tell others.

The group is supported by donations from members and sponsors and a donation helping with refreshments is appreciated but not required.

If you have more questions or you would like to speak, please contact us. Thank you.




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