BNUG 2016 Nov. 1st discussion about VPNs and Remote Access

Adam Frost




VPN—Virtual Private Network


Why use a VPN?  To make your office network bigger.


Using Hamachi VPN (a Logmein Inc. service) to create

-- a simple shared backup folder

-- a networked database that can be accessed safely from anywhere


How to do it:

            Create a logmein account

            Create Hamachi network

            Two ways to install on machines:

deploy link

            install from web

hub and spoke vs. mesh network

Accessing a folder

Folder sharing and security

Firewall issues

Turning off Hamachi—really


Remote access tools:



   Logmein strengths: screen blanking and keyboard locking, local printing, sound, shared cursor

   Using Logmein Central to serve your customers and help them be independent



   setting up your router

   Radmin strengths—teaching tool, fast access, one-time fee


For quick access with new customers:,,


Using Skype as a conference calling tool

            U.S phone numbers

            caller id (&$*^% !!!!)

Good headsets


2 line phones -- Panasonic KX6700 Series,  kxtga670bds handsets

   Panasonic repair by p1repair on ebay