So glad so many of you were able to join me! Hereís a copy of my BNUG speaking announcement:

which features a link to the full presentation I (mostly) gave to the live audience:

recorded by the BNUG on video too, for those unable to attend.


As I briefly mentioned, my day job is a VMware vSAN Systems Engineer, talking to commercial customers in the northeast, from Virginia to Maine to Michigan! If you have an interested in what vSAN can do for your workplace, please donít hesitate to reach out to me at , so I can work with you on arranging a presentation to your coworkers, via WebEx or even in person. Tonight, I was mostly there as a blogger and IT Professional, who often goes to such events anyway.


As for questions about my blog content, you can contact me at paul.braren@tinkertry, but leaving comments below any articles I may have related to your question is preferred, since itís likely others have the same question, and can then benefit from my attempt at an answer.


What a lively conversation tonight! This made things much more fun for me as a presenter. I love the feedback, ideas, and questions, with about 15 questions asked before I even got set up. Wow! You all take the prize for most interested audience, ever! Before my next demo in Pittsburgh Thursday, Iíll be sure to pick up a new HDMI to VGA adapter.


This first article is still a work in progress, for those interested in the router, but no video to go with it yet:


I do hope to get a newer version of this how to article/video created soon, based on the newer vSphere 6.5:


Hereís most of the other stuff mentioned:


And hereís what moving data from one ďgum stickĒ NVMe SSD to another looks like, with a thermal camera:

and from the vSphere interface:

with my more recent tests of copying 15GB of data done in only 8 seconds!


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