Office tools: an exploration of good equipment for running a business


          a discussion moderated by Adam Frost of Computer Care and Learning




We'll talk about the essential tools for a modern, modestly-sized office.

Some are newer, some older, some web-based, some local, some hardware, some software. We won't be able to get to all of them in detail, but will begin with an overview, and dig into some in depth today, and leave others for other talks.



Keeping in touch with customers, vendors, and colleagues:

email: Outlook, Outlook 365, G-Suite

database: ODB (the Organizer's Database)

website: Wordpress, GOdaddy's Webbuilder, Squarespace

SSL certificates

domain name management:,

taking notes: alphasmart, the raw note method

phone: verizon, comcast, magic jack

cordless phone: panasonic two-line KX-TG6700

conference calling:  skype,

remote control of computers: logmein, radmin

static ip:

business insurance: general liability and errors and omissions

backup: Acronis, winzip, system scheduler, google takeout,

machines: PC with windows 7, windows 10, linux

machine security: opendns, ms security essentials, malwarebytes, cryptoprevent, ad block plus, unchecky, event viewer

routers: netgear, linksys, wireless and wired

extenders: netgear

firewalls: sonicwall


accounting: quickbooks, quicken, excel

credit cards: paypal link

workshop fees: paypal link

paying staff: paypal wallet



Good equipment, continued:


windows file sharing

dropbox file sharing



payroll company: sage

workers comp: Hartford

password management: keepass

task lists for each customer: Excel

WISP-- written information security plan-- Excel template

computer insurance for home office users

surge protection and UPS: surge protect power strips, battery backups

switches vs. routers

paper date book-- quo vadis from lexington stationers and notes to family when you go out


three-way calling

call waiting

billing: word vs accounting program

weekl planning list: excel

checklist for a group: google sheets, which we use at the clinic

clinic: source of used equpment, training facility

internship program

website as way of informing customers and co-workers


networking groups: BNUG

outreach: community activities

outreach: friends and relatives

laptop with ethernet cables, extra mouse and keyboard

vantek device, including oldstyle power adapter

multiple machines, in case one fails

multiple internet providers