Success Criteria, Risks, Capabilities for PIN

PIN: Internet Gateway

Priority     Success Criteria / Risks                   Top Identified Risk, Threat, Policy

1               Harden defenses at Internet perimeter Malware, Workstation compromise, PII Data Loss, Advanced against cyber threats           Persistent Threats, Web Acceptable Use, Compliance

4               Centralize security visibility, protection Central SoC, Robust and Actionable intel, Threat hunting, and analysis (DC, Inet, WAN, SOC)  Correlation, RBAC, Automation

       3               Prevent, Detect & Scope, Contain and          Malware, Ransomware, C&C, Data loss, on/off prem, APT,

                         Remediate malware attacks                            Integrated, automated remediation

       5               Dynamically Segment and Protect                 Scalable segmentation, Data Privacy, Least Privilege, ease of

Inter-agency WAN and DC sensitive        deploy and ops digital content

2               Securing Acme's hybrid Cloud 3.0 SaaS Visibility, data loss, least privilege, multi-SaaS, centralized control, offers       threat awareness and mitigation


Compensating Capability

Firewall, IPS, DNS sec, C&C, Url

Filtering, web security, anti-malware

Investigate, Stealthwatch, ATA, ISE,

Threat Awareness Service, AMP4E, CloudLock

Anti-malware, Sandboxing, file reputation, C&C mitigation, IPS, web security, DNS security

Segmentation, access control, FW, IPS, AM, VPN, analytics, behavior analysis

DLP, email security, anti-phishing, public cloud protections, encryption, Access Control, insider threat